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Prices subject to change throughout growing season.

AMUR MAPLE, Acer Ginalla
Shrub or tree 15-20' Zone 3. Good for specimen or screen requiring little care. Very hardy and tough. Dense foliage, bright red summer fruit, fragrant flowers, vivid scarlet autumn color makes this an excellent ornamental. Shrub form. 3 yr. old trees, 5-6' tall.

CANADA RED CHOKECHERRY, prunus virginiana 'Canada Red'
20-25', Zone 2. Often referred to as 'Shubert' Chokecherry, 'Canada Red' is a selected form propagated from cuttings. New dark green leaves turn deep red as they mature in early summer. 2-4 yr. old tree, 5-6'.

Graceful tree 35-45', Zone 2. Orange red berry-like fruit attracts birds and hangs until spring. Widely planted as an ornamental or for conservation purposes. Used as a rootstock for budding or grafting cultivars. 4 yr. old trees, 6' tall.

CHOKECHERRY, Prunus Virginiana
25', Zone 2. Racemes of white flowers, red to purple fruit good for jelly and syrup. Gives good display of autumn color. Drought and heat tolerant. One of Alaska's best ornamental trees. 5 yr. old trees, 5-6' tall.

NORWAY MAPLE, Acer Platanoides
Rounded tree 60-70', Zone 3. Standard street and park tree. Dense dark green foliage. Bright yellow autumn color. Very adaptable tolerating many soil and climate conditions. 4 yr. old trees, 5-6' tall.