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Prices subject to change throughout growing season.

SIBERIAN PEASHRUB, Caragana Arborescens
18', Zone 2. Bright yellow May flowers. Excellent screen or windbreak. Drought tolerant. Widely planted in all conditions. An Alaskan favorite. Moose don't seem to bother it. 3 yr. old plants, 3-4' tall.

LITTLE LEAF PEA SHRUB, Caragana Microphylla
6-8' Zone 2. Easily distinguished by its smaller leaflets and low, dense growth habit. Light yellow flowers in May and June. 4 yr. old plants, 3-4' tall.

HEDGE COTONEASTER, Cotoneaster Lucidus
To 10', Zone 3. Glossy dark green leaves, rose-white flowers in clusters followed by black fruit persisting into winter. Excellent dense screen, wildlife habitat, shelterbelt filler. Gorgeous orange-red color in fall. Very cold hardy. 4 yr. old plants, 3-4' tall.

CORNUS SERICEA, Red Osier Dogwood
7-10', Zone 2. Grows rapidly to multi-stem shrub. Ideal for holding soil on steep banks. Tolerates moist soils. Beautiful red fall color. Bright red branches for winter color. 3-4 yr. old plants, 2-4' tall.
SALE $15

PRUNUS TENELLA, Dwarf Russian Almond
3-5', Zone 2. Extremely hardy, very ornamental shrub. Masses of rose-pink flowers in early spring. Narrow leaves 1-3" long. One of the best ornamental shrubs for cold climates. 4 yr. old plants, 3-4' tall.

10' Neat appearing shrub for screens and windbreaks. Dependable and hardy. Pale pink buds open to masses of white blooms.
3 year old plants, 3-4' tall.

FROEBEL SPIRAEA, Spiraea X Bumalda 'Froebelii'
To 4', Zone 3. Naturally rounded form. New growth purplish green. Bright pink flowers in flat clusters May-June.
1 year old rooted cuttings, 18-24" tall.

DAKOTA GOLDCHARM SPIRAEA, Spiraea J. 'Dakota Goldcharm'
To 1 1/2' tall, spreading to 3', Zone 3. Unusually low growing gold leaf form; bright pink summer flower clusters, recurrent through growing season. New growth light bronze turning to light gold. North Dakota State University introduction.
1 year old rooted cuttings, 6-12" tall.

GUMBALL SPIRAEA, Spiraea X Bumalda 'Gumball'
2' high to 4' wide Zone 3. Compact selection of Frobeli's Spiraea. New leaves red tinged, bright pink flower clusters in May to June. Good low shrub border. Will thrive in most locations.
1 year old rooted cuttings, 6-12" tall.

DWARF KOREAN LILAC, Syringa Meyeri 'Palibin'
To 5', Zone 3. Dense, uniform compact habit, purple red buds opening to fragrant pale lilac blooms and profusion of flowers at early age all combine to make this one of the best landscape lilacs.
2 yr. old cuttings, 18-24" tall.

LATE LILAC, Syringa Villosa
Dense shrub to 9', Zone 2. Very hardy. Blooms later than other lilacs. Flowers very light rosy lilac to white.
4 yr. old plants, 4-5' tall.

PEKING LILAC, Syringa Pekinensis
15-20', Zone 3. A small tree lilac. Flowers creamy-white, densely crowded in large panicles. Golden bark, sometimes exfoliating in rich brown flakes.
3 yr.old plants, 3-4' tall.

POCAHONTAS LILAC, Syringa Hyacinthiflora 'Pocahontas'
To 12', Zone 3. Hardy, vigorous hybrid shrub, early blooming with dark maroon buds opening to masses of deep violet, fragrant flowers. Developed in Manitoba, Canada by Frank Skinner.
3 yr.old plants, 18-24" & 2-3' tall.

Shrub 12-20', Zone 3. Fragrant lilac blossoms in May. Attractive green foliage. Good for screen.
3 yr.old plants, 3-4' tall.