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Our Alaskan Photo Album

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mountain view
Knik Sound

A little of the fantastic scenery we live with every day. Top is a view of a valley not far from my home where we like to take horses, ride and berry pick. Some of the berries that grow there are raspberries, blueberries and water melon berries. On the bottom is a shot of the Turnagain Arm at low tide, actually a fiord that winds it's way inland towards Anchorage. It's known as one of the few places in the world with *bore tides*. Tides that are literally a wall of water sometimes 4 feet high that rush up the inlet.

giant cabbage garden

One of our giant alaskan cabbages. Looks especially huge next to the kids!

panning for gold fireweed

Panning for gold in a creek near our home, with fall's bright red Fireweed around. Alaskan Fireweed makes a wonderful light honey, that has won awards in competitions all over the world.

winter riding Winter in alaska, long, dark and *cold*. On the right, Jeanne (of Moosewood Farm) and Janet bundled up for a winter time ride. We wear layers and layers of clothes; if we fell off, I don't think we'd feel the ground hit!

Don Don enjoying some of our 20 hour Alaskan summer days.

Moose are frequent visitors, and sometimes a dangerous nuisance.